Kienzen Dino

Kienzen Dino

Why is it important to have a sense of purpose at work?
I am committed to something meaningful and it is what makes my life worth living!

I am based in the Philippines and joined the Make A Difference team in 2018.
Even though I am miles away, distance is never an issue because I am working with equally passionate people fused by a common mission.

Every single day I am excited to wake up in the morning knowing that my work is providing food for disadvantaged people. It is more than a 9 to 5 standard job for me.

I grow and evolve as the company does because I am exposed to new perspectives and experiences.
I am motivated that I am making an actual impact in my role that creates tangible and positive change.

We are a social enterprise that always comes up with the simplest ways to make it easy for you to fund more food from money you already spend!
We strongly believe we can eradicate hunger all together and continue making a massive difference in the world!

It is certainly an exciting time to join us!

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