Br. Doug Walsh Education Program

The Chin-Myanmar Community Care and the Angel Presence Foundation in Manila that manages the Br. Doug Education Program for disadvantaged students in Bagong Barrio share in the profits of the Kenshi Candles sales in Marist Ministries across Australia. Br. Doug’s Education Program in Bagong Barrio, Philippines enables families to break the cycle of poverty.

Every Life Changing Candle directly helps the Chin refugees from Myanmar and the Angel Presence Foundation to assist poor families.

❖ The profits are shared with the Chin refugees from Myanmar

This partnership with Kenshi creates much-needed income for the Chin refugee community in Melbourne to support family and friends still living under harsh military regime in Myanmar.

❖ FOUR CANDLES will fund a child to get education for a month

These kids are from the very poorest families and it is only with our help and through the partnership of the Angel Presence Foundation in Manila and MAPS (Marist Asia-Pacific Solidarity Fund) that we can get them off the street.

Life Changing Candles

Kenshi Life Changing Candles is a truly inspiring story of Liam Foldi who decided at 14 years of age he wanted to make a real difference in the world. After 4 years and over 40,000 candles sold, Kenshi has helped raise over $300,000 for many different causes.

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