At Make A Difference Community we firmly understand the importance of rolling up our sleeves and getting involved at the grass roots level of helping others.

This very interesting Ted talk by Elizabeth Dunn explains why donating some money to a random charity does not make us feel amazing. There is no doubt helping others makes us happier but it really does matter how we do it.

Click this link to watch the video: Helping others makes us happier – but it matters how we do it. 

Have you read much of Simon Sinek? He wrote “Start With Why.” Simon has been a big influence and he explains we are “social animals” and we are designed to live in communities and look after each other.

The consistent message from the experts and our experience is you need to be more involved if you really want to “feel better” about helping others.

What does “feel better” mean?  It really does depend on you. However, the more you physically “get involved” the greater the impact is likely to be. At Make A Difference Community we are always on the look out for intimate volunteering experiences where our supporters can enjoy helping others at the “grass roots” level.

Volunteer with the Chin people
On the first Saturday of every month you can bring along employees, friends and family to experience the process of making Kenshi Candles in St Albans. You will hear firsthand the plight of the Chin people, enjoy some authentic Chin cuisine and engage fully within their community. We have enormous admiration for the Chin people who are so welcoming and continue to make the most of every opportunity.

Please contact us if you would like to book.

Volunteer with the Father Bob Maguire Foundation

We are very proud of our close relationship with father Bob and his incredibly team. The Foundation feeds thousands of people every week in the City of Port Phillip. After working closely with management we can offer an intimate volunteering experience that involves helping tp prepare meals and then attending on site to give the meals out to people who need the support. This is a day you will never forget. Limited to 2 people per night.

There is no cost but we do encourage a donation of pasta or a bulk purchase of Make A Difference Community Products to enable us to deliver more food.

Please contact us for more details.

Volunteer with FareShare in Abbotsford

FareShare is the largest charity kitchen in Melbourne that prepares over 5,000 meals every day.
The Make A Difference Team and clients have volunteered with this amazing organisation many times.

This is a great experience for teams, family and friends. (Age 16 plus)

At the end of the session we have usually created well over 1,000 sausage rolls and hundreds of quiches.

Cost is $75 per head with all money going to FareShare. Contact us if you would like to book.

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