Raise Money For Your Cause

Make A Difference Community is focused on eradicating hunger in Australia.

Of course, there are many worthy causes being supported by amazing organisations and people that always need to generate money.

Make A Difference Community can help any organisation raise money from their supporters without asking for donations. We do this by giving you access to our products and providing an online ordering system.

The key benefits are:

You do not need to handle any stock. All orders are handled by Make A Difference Community.

Your supporters are buying products they would have bought anyway.

There is no cost or commitment required. The small set up fees are covered by sales made.

How much money do you make  per item?

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On average an $800 donation is created if one of your supporters changes their photocopier to Digital Document Solutions. This includes a guarantee they will pay less and receive superior service and machines.

Your organisation receives a monthly donation from the profit generated on sales from your supporters. There is very little resources required to monitor the program and full transparency is provided by Make A Difference Community.

For example

If you have 1,000 supporters buying products from you then this could generate over $90,000 per year to fund your cause.

➦ 400 candles sold per month x $10.09 = $4,236 ex

➦ 250 boxes of toilet paper x $11 = $2,750 ex

➦ 100 bottles of sanitiser x $2.50 = $250

➦ 1 x  photocopier every 2 months = $400

Please make contact if you would like to explore this opportunity for your cause.

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