Help Fund Food

Together we can eradicate hunger in Australia by choosing carefully where we spend our money. It really is that simple.

How can companies get involved?

One of the most satisfying and uplifting activity for any group of employees is to help disadvantaged people in our community. Every time you support a Make A Difference Community Member or purchase one of our products you will know exactly how many kg’s of food you have funded!

1. Do you buy gifts for your employees, clients or prospects?

Make A Difference Community has partnered with Kenshi Charity Candles who are also a social enterprise. These candles were the inspiration of a 14 year old boy in Australia who wanted to make the world a better place.

The candles are of the very highest quality and are now made by refugees from Myanmar living in Melbourne. This creates much needed income and has allowed Kenshi to grow and have now sold over 20,000 candles and raised well over 100k for various causes.

Every candle you buy directly funds 3kg of pasta! That is enough to create 24 meals. Order the candles in our shop and read more here.

2. What about your toilet paper?

We all buy toilet paper for home. Some of us need to buy for the office as well.

Every box of toilet paper funds 3.5kg of pasta. This item alone will fund hundreds of tonnes of food. Spread the word and feel great every time you wipe! Great value, free delivery and you are making a difference!

Place your order here.

3. Hand sanitiser for the office or home

Even the hand sanister you need will fund meals for the disadvantaged.

500ml bottles as well as 60ml that are perfect for the car and handbag.

Place your order here.

Support our Members

Become a member of the Make A Difference Community. MORE


Do you feel uncomfortable or angry knowing thousands of people in our country are hungry right now?

If so, please influence everyone you can to support our products and our members.

Buying these products will fund many tonnes of pasta and rice!

A Kenshi Candle will fund 3 kg – enough for 24 meals.

A box of toilet paper will fund 3.5 kg – enough for 28 meals.

500ml of hand sanitiser will find 1kg – enough for 8 meals.

Support our members as they generously donate part of their profit to buy food.

A photocopier on average will fund over 200kg’s – more than 1,600 meals.

A commercial loan on average will fund at least 150 kg’s – more than 1,200 meals.

Outsource your PA or lead generation will fund a minimum of 300kg!

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