What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that applies commercial strategies in order to provide humanitarian aid. Make A Difference Community is a social enterprise that commits a minimum 50% of profits from products and services to eradicate hunger in Australia.

Can I donate to Make A Difference Community?

Make A Difference Community is a social enterprise rather than a charity. Supporting our products and services funds food for our charity partners.
Every time you buy a product or support one of our members you will know exactly how many kg’s of food you are funding.

How does transaction based giving model work?

We believe transaction based giving is the future to solving the social problems our world faces. Trillions of dollars flow around the economy. Rather than supporting big corporations every consumer can contribute to improving our world by choosing companies that give back generously. Whether this is a photocopier, toilet paper or hand sanitiser – you as consumers will be making a difference through the money you would have spent anyway.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to eradicate hunger in Australia forever.

Can I become a member of the Make A Difference Community?

We are always excited to hear from other socially conscious businesses that want to make a difference!

If you love the idea of helping to eradicate hunger in Australia every time you create an invoice then please contact us. We will achieve our vision but only when enough passionate people help share the load.

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